Providence House Family Residential Preservation Program (FPP)

Patchwork House & Reunification Apartments

Family is the cornerstone of any community.  It provides a caring and stable setting in which children can be loved and nurtured as they blossom into healthy adults.  But too often, for a variety of reasons, a family can find itself fractured and falling apart, unable to provide the safety and stability that is so vital for children and parents alike.

Providence Self Sufficiency Ministries was created to help repair those fractures, heal those wounds and help families find and follow a path back to lasting, loving wholeness and health.

Established in 1994 in New Albany, Indiana, Providence House is a truly unique residential treatment program offering comprehensive mental health services and case management services for DCS-involved families.  Nestled among lush trees, grassy fields and gentle hills in Georgetown, Indiana, Providence House provides a peaceful retreat for youngsters and their parents to grow, learn and heal.


The Providence House Family Preservation Program (FPP) encourages residents to build a safe, healing, nurturing, functioning community by supporting one another in a multi-generational living environment that is spacious, comfortable and home-like.  The program progresses in phases, allowing families to gradually move through each phase and toward self-sufficiency.

Most referred families have experienced unresolved homelessness, mental illness, risk of child abuse or neglect, substance abuse, incarceration, or domestic violence.  Our program emphasizes trauma recovery and self-sufficiency for the whole family, and is designed to be completed in six months.  An application and family interview are required prior to referral and placement.

Services Provided

Comprehensive services provided by Providence House to families on the path to wholeness and restoration include:

  • Housing
  • On-site therapy
  • Transportation
  • Testimony in court and court reports, as requested
  • Psychological testing at no additional charge
  • One-on-one case management, focusing on meeting case plan goals and gaining self-sufficiency
  • Links to community services
  • Evidence-based parenting education
I’m 20 years old. I live in a house in Georgetown by myself and I am grown up. I have a job. I lived in five different foster homes since I was five years old. After that, I went to Providence House for Children. They changed my life. They cared about me. They helped me with my problems. They accepted me. They treated me like family…they were nice and kind and funny and sweet. At Providence House, you are treated with respect and taken care of like you were their own.”
- Rose

Patchwork House

Patchwork House provides an intensive, closely supervised living experience for up to four families.  Families have designated sleeping and bathroom space in “dorm-like” houses, with up to two families per house.  This program readies families for living in a family apartment, and puts family structure in place prior to that move.

Patchwork House is staffed five days a week, allowing for close monitoring of families.  Families remain in Patchwork House for at least 30 days.

Reunification Apartments

Once families have demonstrated readiness, they are eligible to move on to the next stage of healing in one of six campus apartments, which are all furnished with three bedrooms.  Readiness for this stage is demonstrated by completion of the parenting curriculum (STEP), attendance at all programming, and the parents’ ability to manage their children’s behavior effectively.

On-site Therapy

Providence House offers individual and family therapy to all residents.  Group therapy is also provided and includes the following:

  • Patchwork Group, a parenting group, which helps parents gain insight into how family of origin impacts parent/child relationships
  • A Mindfulness group
  • A Dual Diagnosis Group for residents in recovery

The Providence House therapy model emphasizes trauma and attachment recovery.

Providence House is an outpatient mental health clinic provider for Medicaid and has a HSPP licensed psychologist on staff.  Campus therapists have Master’s degrees and are in Doctoral training at Spalding University or University of Louisville.

Case Management

Each family is assigned a case manager to help with time management, government assistance, employment, housing, budgeting and other self-sufficiency related needs.


Guerin, Inc. was established to construct facilities including Providence House housing for families reuniting with children in foster care.  Guerin, Inc. shares a management agreement with Providence Self Sufficiency Ministries, Inc. (PSSM).  Through the agreement, Guerin, Inc. provides facilities and PSSM provides administration, staffing and programming for the Guerin Woods Campus.

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