Our Mission

To assist children and families who are in need achieve a deepened quality of life by providing a person-centered home to foster the growth, development, living, and healing of individuals in an atmosphere of care, respect, and dignity.

Our Vision

That our programs of educational and family services are nourished and strengthened to enable better-participating children, families, and individuals to become more self-sufficient and to lead healthier, more productive lifestyles.

Our Story

Our history begins in 1840, when Saint Mother Theodore Guerin journeyed from France to the wilderness of Indiana to establish the Sisters of Providence congregation at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.  Mother Theodore was named a “Saint” during a canonization ceremony October 15, 2006, at the Vatican. 

Providence Self Sufficiency Ministries (PSSM) was established in August, 1994 at the former Holy Family convent in New Albany, Indiana to assist children, families and older adults who are in need.  While ministering for PSSM, six Sisters of Providence earned their licenses to become foster parents.  This inspired them to found Providence House as the first group home for foster children in Floyd County.

Four years later, in 1998, principals of PSSM approached the Archdiocese of Indianapolis about the possibility of purchasing 12-plus acres of land in Georgetown, Indiana as the location for a campus for Providence House for Children.  The Archdiocese recognized the need for expanded facilities for foster care, and offered the land for a $1 fee. 

Because Sisters of Providence did not own land away from the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods’ motherhouse, Guerin Inc. was formed in 1999 to construct facilities for the Providence House for Children’s campus and serve as the holding company of the land and facilities.


An arm of Providence Self Sufficiency Ministries Inc. (PSSM), the Providence House campus includes both the Patchwork House (houses four families) and the Reunification Apartments (houses an additional six families). This Family Preservation Program (FPP) uses a phase system, which allows families to gradually move from Patchwork House into the Reunification Apartments, and closer to self-sufficiency.

Both programs serve families reuniting with their children through the Department of Child Services. Most families referred to Providence House have unresolved issues such as homelessness, mental illness, risk of child abuse or neglect, substance abuse, incarceration, or domestic violence.

Developments are funded by grants and donations. Through a management agreement, Guerin Inc. provides facilities and PSSM oversees administration, staffing and programming.


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