MARY ANN: I’m Mary Ann Tucker, I’m a volunteer here at Providence House and have been for at least three, working on four years.

I found out about Providence House when an ad appeared in our Sunday bulletin asking for volunteers. I knew that it had been apart of the community for quite some time because I had students before come to me that had been at Providence House and I knew what good work they did and I wanted to give back, I wanted to be apart of that.

I just love the kids, you know that’s where my heart is, and with the families as well because they are kind of an extension of the children. I know that the research says that if a child moves a school that they can lose one-fourth to one-third of a school year. Many of these struggling families have had to move multiple times. So, the kids really need someone to help them build their confidence, let them know that they are loved and that they are capable. And working with the kids one on one, like I do most days, really I think helps them, helps them deal with school and it also shows the parents what kinds of things they can do to help their child.

I’m most impressed with the way people are treated here. Everyone, no matter what their position, whether you’re an employee or resident or client, adult, child, young or old; everybody is treated with the upmost profound respect and appreciation. And I think it’s contagious, it’s just a — it’s the atmosphere here of being accepting and realizing that we’re all in this together, that we want something more for these families and we’ll do just about anything to make sure they get it.