SISTER BARBARA: The three stellar words that we like to embrace are community, neighborhood and love. And everything that we do on this campus, we have a staff of 125 people and we provide housing and supportive services to 160 persons on average, every single day. And everything that we are about, is really about person centered care. If it’s a two year old toddler that we have at Providence House or if it’s a 101 year old, wonderful person living in our villas, again we strive to know that person’s needs, that person’s dreams, to walk that journey with that person. And the elder campus side, really grandparents the neighborhood for the moms and dads and children at Providence House. So at any rate, we do have a community here. It’s a multigenerational campus that is probably second to none, there is nothing similar in the state of Indiana. And neighborhood, it’s just so wonderful to see how people love to embrace each other, if they are living together in one of our villas or if they’re living in one of our apartment complexes. On a beautiful spring morning or a fall afternoon, they’re sipping coffee together, reading newspapers together and chatting. And love, we really do believe that God loves everything that God has ever created. And we want people to know that they are nurtured and cared for and we really want to foster a feeling of healing and a good quality of life. And just really living life more fully. So that’s really what we aspire to do and we have from Day 1, which again PSSM began August 26 of 1994. So for that 24 years of history, we’ve been known for that and we love our mission.