Our Mission

To provide assistance, by way of residential facilities and life skills services, to persons of all ages who are in need.  The mission includes a goal of providing decent, affordable housing to low and moderate income people.

Our Vision

That persons of all ages who are in need in Georgetown and Floyd County experience decent, affordable housing and have opportunities to participate in enabling life skills services.

Our Story

Our history begins in 1840, when Saint Mother Theodore Guerin journeyed from France to the wilderness of Indiana to establish the Sisters of Providence congregation at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.  Mother Theodore was named a “Saint” during a canonization ceremony October 15, 2006, at the Vatican. 

Mom’s transition was oh-so-much easier than any of us anticipated due to the loving and attentive care given by each and every member of the staff from day one. They have eased her into her new life and restored her will to live. She has no fear or confusion and has become very comfortable in a beautiful, warm and stable atmosphere. And she’s happy! Guerin Woods is the place Mom lovingly refers to as home.”

In 1998, principals of Providence Self Sufficiency Ministries, which began in 1994 at the Holy Family convent in New Albany, approached the Archdiocese of Indianapolis about the possibility of purchasing 12-plus acres of land in Georgetown, Indiana as the location for a campus for Providence House for Children, the first group home for foster children in Floyd County.  The Archdiocese recognized the need for expanded facilities for foster care, and offered the land for a $1 fee. 

Because Sisters of Providence do not own land away from the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods’ motherhouse, Guerin Inc. was formed in 1999 to construct facilities for the Providence House for Children’s campus and serve as the holding company of the land and facilities.


In April 2005, Guerin Inc. opened Guerin Woods Senior Apartments, a development for older adults that adjoins the Providence House campus. This community consists of twenty-two two-bedroom apartments for low to moderate-income individuals and couples aged 62 and older. This development includes a Senior Center open to residents in Floyd and surrounding counties.

In 2009, Guerin Inc. built The Meadows of Guerin, a HUD 202 fund reservation development consisting of twenty-four one-bedroom apartments serving people aged 62 and older. The Meadows include a community center.

Words cannot express our gratitude to you and your staff for accepting Mother into your loving home. It is the haven we prayed to find, one of acceptance and understanding, offered with respect and dignity. Knowing that she is in this safe and caring environment is great comfort not only to our family, but her many friends. Every person who has visited Mother at the Villa is impressed that such a place exists. We feel truly blessed. I want to shout from the rooftops what a blessing this is and how grateful we are that we found our way to you!”
- Jane Kellem / Donna Bruce

Developments are funded by grants and donations. Through a management agreement, Guerin Inc. provides facilities and PSSM oversees administration, staffing and programming.


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