DONNA: My name is Donna Brooks, and I’m 71 years old and I’ve lived here 10 years — April it will be 10 years.

Sister Barbara has been a friend of mine and every time I would run into her she’d say, “When you moving up?” and I’d say, “I’m not old enough” and she’d say, “Oh, well when you get old enough come on up.” So finally I ran into her again and I was 63, I didn’t come when I was 62, and she said, “Come on up, I want you up there.” and I said, “Okay!” and here I am.

What don’t I love about Guerin Woods. This is a piece of heaven. It’s so beautiful. And the people here are so loving and so caring. At first I thought I died and went to heaven!

Come up and have lunch with me on a Monday, I’ll treat you to lunch. And I guarantee you, once you’re here and meet the girls, the staff and see our darling apartments — you don’t want to see mine though. Mine’s messy. But the apartments are gorgeous, they’re beautiful and the landscaping is breathtaking. And the men keep the grass cut and I have my little flower garden that makes me very happy…although there’s times I can’t get to it. It’s a piece of heaven and you will never want to leave. Never want to leave here. And the women that have moved up here have said, “I’ve waited so long for this and I’m so happy I’m here.”