ROSETTA: My name is Rosetta Harvey, I’m 81 years old as of last December and I’ve been living here — I think it’s 6 years.

I used to do an outreach at my church — well I still do somewhat — and we used to help the families, they used to have foster homes over there. We’d help them a lot through outreach with school supplies and things like that, all kinds of things. I actually met Sister Barbara first that way and then she asked me to be a community member in the community — on the board. So I thought that was really nice because I don’t think of me as anyone smart enough to be on any board, unless it’s just church. Anyway, they’re really great people here. They really care and Sister Barbara is the main person who just has so much compassion for the elderly people.

Because we have fun. We do have fun — we have a lot of aches and pains — but we still have fun.

Sister Barbara came in and I said, “Are we allowed to put pictures on the wall?” and she said, “You can put anything you want on this wall, it’s your home.” I will never forget that because that meant a lot to me that she said, “This is your home,” and I guess I hadn’t thought about it like that yet.