ROSALIND: One of the greatest things that makes Guerin Woods very special is the type of care they give to their elders here. From the administration, to the nursing staff, to the Compatissants, maintenance, dietitians, all make this a very special place. They care for the residences as if they were their own family member. And the great love that they show, they go to great extent to make sure the elders are cared for, and that they’re safe and taken care of.

It’s very easy to love your family member or spouse, but that is truly shown here. The staff here truly loves the elders. And I don’t know how many times I have talked to elders here and they’ve told me or told another staff, “I really appreciate what they do for me. I really do,” and they tell us that they love us. That is one good indication that we are providing that type of love toward them because they tell us that they love us. That’s very encouraging to come into a place of work when you have elders that are just very sweet and kind and tell you, “I love you,” and “Thank you, I appreciate all you do.” It just makes your day go, “woof.” It’s just a wonderful place to come too.