It’s true that time is like money: you can save it, spend it or invest it.  If you’re looking for a special place where you can invest your time, consider Guerin Woods.  The time you invest here will make a meaningful difference in people’s lives and in the broader community. 

At Guerin, you’ll have the opportunity to bring happiness and a helping hand to a thriving multi-generational community in a scenic setting nestled among the gently rolling hills of Georgetown, Indiana.  The light and laughter you bring to the lives of those you serve will continue to resonate long after you leave, in the hearts of those you serve, and in your own.

It takes no special training or experience to volunteer here.  All that’s needed is an open heart and willing hands.  Whatever time you’re able to share will have an amplified effect on those you serve.  You’ll become part of a very special 24-year tradition that has touched over 126,000 lives.  And the relationships you build through your time here will become equally precious to you and to them.    

If all this appeals to you, we encourage you to fill out the form below for more information.